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The Buildings and Equipment of the Free Zone
The Free Zone is comprised of four modern buildings. 

Three industrial Buildings 
Industrial buildings N0 5 and N0 6 cover an area of 4000 square meters each, and have 52 warehouses each. The warehouses cover an area of about 200 square meters each where 16 are distributed on the ground floor, which is of a height of 6.5 meters, and another 18 warehouses in each of the first and second floors which are of a height of 4.5 meters, in addition to 5 wearhouses of 70 square meters each.

Industrial building N0 2, covering an area of 4000 square meters is comprised of 38 warehouses, each measuring about 200 square meters. These are distributed as 1 2 on the ground floor that is of a height of 6.5 meters and another 13 warehouses in each of the first and second floors (each one having a height of 4.5 meters). 

These three buildings have been constructed and designed according to advanced methods whereby facilitating the transport of goods to any of the industrial warehouses in them. Each building is equipped with two elevators to transport goods that can weigh up to 3 tons each, and with wide internal roadways allowing the free movement of forklifts. The warehouses have separate lighting systems and the same applies to the roadways where the latter are also equipped with electronic fire detectors and two emergency stairs in each building.