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Duty Free Market

The Duty Free Market is in building No 3, a four-floor building of 2800 square meters. It has two panoramic elevators for people.

Duty Free Shops 

Every shop of the Duty Free Market is equipped with adequate lighting and air conditioning with advanced electronic fire detectors and sprinklers, external fire escape stairs and two elevators that carry goods of up to 1.5 tons each. The Duty Free Market is comprised of 46 shops with areas varying from 75 square meters to 150 square meters and from 225 square meters to 300 square meters in order to meet the requirements of all traders. 

The shops are distributed as follows: 

  • 7 shops on the ground floor 
  • 7 shops on the first floor 
  • 10 shops on the second floor 
  • 22 shops on the third floor