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Today,...The Port of  Beirut Free Zone is  THE MEAN & THE AIM

The essential goal behind the reconstruction of Beirut Free Zone was and continues to be the bestowing of life and vitality needed to nourish the "triangular trade" from, to and through Beirut. This ancient city has been throughout history, a gateway and a means of trade to the three surrounding continents of the Mediterranean. We look forward to making the city the global commercial gateway for the coming 21st century.


The Free Zone at Port of Beirut

During the mid 70's, amidst the civil war, the Port and the Free Zone's operations were ceased. Before that, the area was considered as the most powerful and important trading place in the Middle East. In the early 90's, the end of the war was marked by the setting up of new strategies to rebuild the area and launch it to regain its initial status. Today the Free Zone area is an essential part of the city of Beirut and of its Port, where one must not forget the distinctive natural features of its geographical location that has come across many civilizations. 

Various Facilities
The port is located in Beirut city, where there are wide roads, an advanced communication network, and a chain of banks with a strong commitment to banking secrecy and rapid work achievement. All of that comes as a result of the Lebanese people's extensive expertise in the trade field. All the latter has been made possible with the current political stability and the moderate Mediterranean climate that allow businesses' smooth operation throughout the year, making the Free Zone of the Port of Beirut a true access to the 21st century trade.