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Port of Beirut uses state of the art equipment as well as top-notch IT solutions.

 Port Of Beirut receives the largest mother vessels of the shipping lines

POB has the latest generation of the STS and RTG gantry cranes. It is actually equipped with 12 STS and 36 RTG.

The Port of Beirut is highly accessible, and properly linked to the road network and to its hinterland.

The phase 1 of the container terminal extension is completed.

Two of the biggest shipping companies use the Port of Beirut as their
main hub for the region.

The Container terminal movement at Port of Beirut exceeded one million TEU.

POB is a hub port for the east Mediterranean regions ,the transshipment represents 40 % of its traffic

A newly built Passenger Terminal enables  a direct access to the Beirut Central District.

The extension of Quay 16 will be 550m to the east and 450m to the west. 

The first phase of the extension created a storage area of 220.000 m².

The POB Bills of Charges can be settled through:


The Success Stories

Port of Beirut is among the top 10 seaports in the Mediterranean Sea and is considered the gateway to the Middle East. The port was transformed through self-financing from a local port to a regional and a transshipment hub for the region. Please click here to know more about our success stories.
Please click here for the 14-Year Achievements Presentation

  • YOUR GATEWAYTo The Middle East

    The Port of Beirut lies within a longitude of 35 57' E and a latitude of 35 15'N, forming the midpoint of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa 
    that makes the Port a passage for ship fleets between East and West. 
    During the mid 70's, the Port of Beirut was an important international trading station with the surrounding Arab countries and up until today 
    it has preserved its commercial nature.


  • Keypoints
      • Private And Logistic Free Zone
      • Nearly 6 million Tones / year
      • Nearly 1 Million TEU / year
      • Nearly 3 thousand Ships / year
      • Quay 16 : L = 600 m   D = 15,5 m                  
      • New container terminal (quay 16 Extentin east):
        L = 500 m  D = 16.5 m
        Area : 200,000 sqm 

        Capacity = 700,000 TEU / year
    • Extension of the CT under construction to be fully operational by the end 2013
    • Performing Services
    • Simple Tariff
  • Client Services